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    BEDSLIDE is a brand born on a vision of solutions. BEDSLIDE embodies fresh thinking, revolutionary design, reliable functionality, and intuitive simplicity. BEDSLIDE is about efficiency. We are about getting the job done right, with minimum waste of time and energy and maximum results. In 2010 BEDSLIDE changed its parent company name to Takit. Takit is our brand mantra and the official heartbeat of our brand. We are about better engineered portability. The people at BEDSLIDE are here because we are automotive enthusiasts. We love what we do. Work and play seem to blend into one adventurous lifestyle. All of us here are concerned with how to do it BETTER. Good isn't enough. A little better doesn't cut it. Best implies we have no room for improvement. But we can and MUST always do it BETTER. The above information has been provided by the Manufacturer and RV & Auto Parts cannot guarantee the accuracy thereof or endorse the opinions expressed.