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  1. TCS 45117 Fel-Pro Gaskets Timing Cover Gasket Set OE Replacement
TCS 45117 Fel-Pro Gaskets Timing Cover Gasket Set OE Replacement
TCS 45117 Fel-Pro Gaskets Timing Cover Gasket Set OE Replacement

TCS 45117 Fel-Pro Gaskets Timing Cover Gasket Set OE Replacement

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Fel-Pro® offers two types of gasket sets to solve the oil leaks associated with the
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TCS 45117 Fel-Pro Gaskets Timing Cover Gasket Set

Fel-Pro® offers two types of gasket sets to solve the oil leaks associated with the timing cover area of an engine. Both sets include all the gaskets needed when removing and replacing the timing cover. One type of set (Sleeve ’N’ Seal®) includes a crankshaft front repair sleeve to seal a grooved hub or shaft. The other type of set, for simple replacement of the shaft seal and related gaskets, offers timing cover gaskets and seals without the repair sleeve. Timing cover gaskets are made of a variety of materials. For many older vehicles, Fel-Pro Blue Stripe® paper material is very effective. Late-model vehicles, on the other hand, typically require molded-rubber or solid core gaskets with a thicker design to accommodate changes in timing cover castings. What’s more, today’s engines may have timing covers made of metal or plastic that require the use of a Fel-Pro PermaDryPlus® timing cover gasket made with LEM (Liquid Elastomer Molded) technology. The Fel-Pro PermaDryPlus timing cover gaskets feature a highly sophisticated, patented technology that permits precise location, shape, and height of multiple sealing beads on a rigid carrier. The exclusive LEM design permits significantly faster, easier gasket installation while eliminating potential sealing issues associated with the repair process in many applications. Each PermaDryPlus timing cover gasket consists of a high-strength metallic carrier encapsulated in an extremely thin layer of silicone rubber. Sealing beads lock potential leak paths while providing the required “recovery” or spring between the mating surfaces.


1972-1974 AM General DJ5
1973-1974 AM General FJ8
1965-1971 American Motors Ambassador
1964-1968 American Motors American
1978-1980 American Motors AMX
1964-1966 American Motors Classic
1978-1983 American Motors Concord
1980-1988 American Motors Eagle
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1970-1977 American Motors Hornet
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1971-1978 American Motors Matador
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1967-1970 American Motors Rebel
1979-1983 American Motors Spirit
1996-2002 Dodge Dakota
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1971-1974 International Scout II
1974-2001 Jeep Cherokee
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1993-2004 Jeep Grand Cherokee
1984-1986 Jeep Grand Wagoneer
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1976-1976 Jeep J20
1972-1973 Jeep Jeepster
1981-1985 Jeep Scrambler
1965-1973 Jeep Wagoneer
1980-1990 Jeep Wagoneer

Application-Specific Design Ensures A Perfect Fit

Engineered For Sealing Repair Environment

Unsurpassed Quality You Can Trust

Highly Sophisticated, Patented Technology That Permits Precise Location, Shape, And Height Of Multiple Sealing Beads On A Rigid Carrier

The Exclusive LEM Design Permits Significantly Faster, Easier Gasket Installation While Eliminating Potential Sealing Issues Associated With The Repair Process In Many Applications

Consists Of A High-Strength Metallic Carrier Encapsulated In An Extremely Thin Layer Of Silicone Rubber

Sealing Beads Lock Potential Leak Paths While Providing The Required “Recovery” Or Spring Between The Mating Surfaces

Limited 1 Year Warranty

With Crankshaft Seal : Yes
With Oil Pan Gasket : No
With Repair Sleeve : No
With Timing Cover Gasket : Yes
With Water Pump Gasket : No