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KC HiLites 334 LED Spot Light Bar
KC HiLites 334 LED Spot Light Bar

KC HiLites 334 LED Spot Light Bar

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LED Light Bar

LED Spot Light Bar

LED Spot Light Bar; 10 in. Rectangle; Clear Lens; Black Housing; 60 Watts; C10 LED; Incl. Harness; Single Light; 5400 Lumens;

  • WARNING CA Proposition 65: No

  • 4200 Lumens
  • 12 Degree Spot/30 Degree Spread Beam Pattern
  • On Board Thermal Management
  • Protected Against RFI/EMC Interference
  • Waterproof Connectors
  • IP 67 Rated
  • 50 000 Hours LED Life

FEATURES-10" 60W C-SERIES LED Light Bar-Precision reflectors with forward facing LEDs-Combo Beam Pattern: 8 Spot & 90 Spread-Extruded Aluminum Housings-GORE Membrane Barrier LIGHT PERFORMANCE-Raw Lumens: 5,400 lm-Lux @ 10 Meters: 680 lx-Candela: 68,000 cd-Beam Distance (Meters): 522mSPECIFICATIONS-Wattage: 60W-LED Source: CREE LED-Color Temperature: 6000K-Amp Draw: 5.0A-Voltage: 9V-32V-IP Rating: IP67-Product Dimensions: W - 11.38" x H - 3.09" x D - 3.40" Parts Included with C-SERIES Light Bars-Wiring Harness w/ 2-Pin weather proof connectors-Die-Cast Mounting Brackets with hardware PERFORMANCE OUTPUT AND CLARITYThe 10" C-Series uses an advanced dual row CREE LED design delivering 5,400 Lumens of output with maximum power efficiency. They are perfect for hood, front bumper, windshield and grille applications providing balanced and powerful light illumination. HIGH PERFORMANCE MEETS AFFORDABILITYC-Series light bar features an extruded aluminum housing, aluminum core PCBs with thermal management and lexan lenses. What you get is a perfect balance of affordable performance with maximum efficiency. COMBO BEAM PATTERN AND ADVANTAGESWhen it comes to total road coverage the C-Series LED light bar features a combo beam with perfectly angled 8 Spot & 90 Spread reflectors, for maximum forward distance and increased peripheral illumination along road edges.DESIGNED FOR DURABILITYOff road race tested, the C-Series was designed to handle the harshest environments. Featuring a IP67 rated housing and GORE Membranes, the C-Series is resistant to moisture and dust.

Every manufacturer tests their products. It's part of the process. At KC HiLiTES however, our ideas spend a lot of time in the laboratory before a light is even prototyped. We try to view our ideas as our customers do from the original inception to the final inspection. Is there a need; how can we best fill the need; how bright a light; what color of light; what shape pattern is needed; which housing is best suited for the application? These are just a few of the issues that we address before we really get started prototyping a new lighting unit. We prefer to test them in the real world of high performance racing. Since way back in 1970, feedback from professional drivers has helped steer our designs in the right direction. This open dialog with racers and enthusiasts has helped us to continually refine our thinking, and it shows in the performance of our products. It's also safe to say that every KC HiLiTES product that makes its way to market has graduated with honors from the school of hard knocks. At KC HiLiTES, we didn't become the dominant force in auxiliary lighting overnight. In fact, we've been traveling down that road for over 35 years, paved or not. Over that time, we've designed, engineered and manufactured the most advanced auxiliary lighting available. In the process, we've also built a rock solid reputation for quality and performance. That's why more and more drivers ask for KC HiLiTES by name. As the original manufacturer of off road auxiliary lighting, KC HiLiTES not only set the standard for the category, we created it. And while our thinking has always evolved, look close and you'll see a bit of our pioneering spirit in every new KC HiLiTES product.

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