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K5900-10 Parr Tech Caulk Sealant Use For Indoor/ Outdoor Sealing
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K5900-10 Parr Tech Caulk Sealant Use For Indoor/ Outdoor Sealing

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K5900-10 Parr Tech Caulk Sealant

PARLASTIC, manufactured at the PARR facility, is a premium, non-sag sealant that is formulated to provide excellent adhesion to glass, aluminum, brick, and most other construction materials. In its cured state, PARLASTIC exhibits desirable polymeric characteristics, such as elongation, compression, water-resistance, and low temperature flexibility. PARLASTIC is primarily used in construction work for indoor and outdoor sealing applications such as: siding, channel glazing, porcelain panel construction, and joint sealing. It is also used in the manufacture of RV’s, manufactured houses, and vehicles. When used in vertical and horizontal joints, PARLASTIC can be used to seal openings up to 1/2 Inch X 1/2 Inch. Ensure surfaces to be sealed are clean, dry, and free of oil and moisture. Exercise care during application to prevent air or contaminant entrapment. For best results, apply in a smooth bead and allow to level. Do not handle, move, or pack for one hour until a surface film has formed. If necessary, clean tools and equipment with mineral spirits.

Premium, Non-Sag Sealant That Is Formulated To Provide Excellent Adhesion To Glass, Aluminum, Brick, And Most Other Construction Materials

Exhibits Desirable Polymeric Characteristics, Such As Elongation, Compression, Water-Resistance, And Low Temperature Flexibility

Also Used In The Manufacture Of RV’s, Manufactured Houses, And Vehicles

Used To : Seal Miter Joints In Windows And Door Frames/ Needle Glazing
Caulk Type : Top Dressing Over Non-Drying Sealants
Paintable : Non-Sag Liquid
Color : Yes
Unit Size : Silver
Unit Type : 10 Ounce
Unit Quantity : Tube

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