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822-12 Competition Cams Valve Lifter For Use With AMC V6
822-12 Competition Cams Valve Lifter For Use With AMC V6

822-12 Competition Cams Valve Lifter For Use With AMC V6

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For more than three decades, the COMP Cams® mission has never changed: produce the
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822-12 Competition Cams Valve Lifter

For more than three decades, the COMP Cams® mission has never changed: produce the highest performing products possible, provide superior customer service and lead the industry in technological development. By selecting a COMP Cams® product you can have confidence in knowing that we spend thousands of Hours and millions of dollars working with individuals, race teams and companies to ensure that our products provide superior performance and reliability.


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Patented Orifice Metering Valve Precisely Meters Oil To The Rocker Arms

Continuous Contact Between Metering Valve And Pushrod Seat Is Maintained, Eliminating Excessive Oiling At High Engine Speeds

Pushrod Seat Is Made Of A Special Powdered Metal Iron Alloy That Is Heat Treated For Strength And Wear Resistance

Contain A Longer Piston Than Conventional Hydraulic Lifters, Which Provides More Load Bearing Surface And Increases Lifter Longevity

Lightweight Check Valve Disc Allows For Quicker Response, Which Results In Increases In Engine Speed Before Valve Float

Lightweight Check Valve Disc Maintains Added Control At All Engine Speeds And Loads

Limited 1 Year Warranty

Engine Compatibility : 1964 To 1998 American Motors V6 3.3L-4.2L/199-258 CID
Type : Hydraulic Flat Tappet
Diameter (IN) : 0.904 Inch
Seat Height (IN) : 1.88 Inch
Seat Location : Centered
Includes Link Bar : Yes
Quantity : Set Of 12

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