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  6. 74271 Taylor Cable Spark Plug Wire Set Pre Assembled
74271 Taylor Cable Spark Plug Wire Set Pre Assembled
74271 Taylor Cable Spark Plug Wire Set Pre Assembled

74271 Taylor Cable Spark Plug Wire Set Pre Assembled

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Taylor Cable products is an OEM and performance company that was built on its founding
RVA #: T6474271
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74271 Taylor Cable Spark Plug Wire Set

Taylor Cable products is an OEM and performance company that was built on its founding heritage supported by a tradition of legendary quality. Known as an innovative company since 1923, Taylor Cable has been setting the pace for 8 Decades with quality products such as performance Ignition plug wires, Battery cables, Wiring harnesses, Vertex Magnetos and other quality high performance ignition and electrical components and accessories. The fact that our exclusive 100 Percent silicone spark plug wires, Battery cable and wiring harness is OEM to some of the most well known, quality driven companies in the world, such as Daimler Chrysler, John Deere, Mack Truck, and Harley Davidson, is a testimony to Taylor’s commitment to quality and excellence. At Taylor Cable we will continue to strive to develop innovative and highly functional products for the automotive aftermarket as well.


1966-1966 Buick Electra
1966-1966 Buick Gran Sport
1966-1966 Buick LeSabre
1966-1966 Buick Skylark
1966-1966 Buick Special
1966-1966 Buick Sportwagon
1966-1966 Buick Wildcat
1975-1983 Chrysler Cordoba
1983-1989 Chrysler Fifth Avenue
1981-1983 Chrysler Imperial
1977-1981 Chrysler LeBaron
1978-1982 Chrysler New Yorker
1971-1981 Chrysler Newport
1978-1981 Chrysler Town & Country
1963-1964 Dodge 330
1963-1964 Dodge 440
1964-1966 Dodge A100
1970-1970 Dodge A100
1967-1969 Dodge A100 Truck
1976-1980 Dodge Aspen
1975-1980 Dodge B100
1971-1974 Dodge B100 Van
1981-1991 Dodge B150
1975-1980 Dodge B200
1971-1974 Dodge B200 Van
1981-1991 Dodge B250
1975-1980 Dodge B300
1971-1974 Dodge B300 Van
1981-1991 Dodge B350
1974-1980 Dodge CB300
1970-1974 Dodge Challenger
1968-1978 Dodge Charger
1965-1976 Dodge Coronet
1975-1979 Dodge D100
1986-1989 Dodge D100
1960-1967 Dodge D100 Series
1977-1991 Dodge D150
1975-1980 Dodge D200
1960-1967 Dodge D200 Series
1981-1991 Dodge D250
1975-1980 Dodge D300
1960-1967 Dodge D300 Series
1981-1991 Dodge D350
1978-1981 Dodge D450
1989-1991 Dodge Dakota
1964-1976 Dodge Dart
1977-1989 Dodge Diplomat
1978-1979 Dodge Magnum
1980-1983 Dodge Mirada
1968-1978 Dodge Monaco
1970-1972 Dodge P200
1971-1972 Dodge P300
1968-1968 Dodge P375
1963-1973 Dodge Polara
1974-1992 Dodge Ramcharger
1980-1980 Dodge RD200
1975-1977 Dodge Royal Monaco
1979-1981 Dodge St. Regis
1975-1977 Dodge W100
1986-1989 Dodge W100
1968-1974 Dodge W100 Pickup
1960-1967 Dodge W100 Series
1977-1991 Dodge W150
1975-1980 Dodge W200
1969-1974 Dodge W200 Pickup
1960-1967 Dodge W200 Series
1981-1991 Dodge W250
1975-1980 Dodge W300
1968-1974 Dodge W300 Pickup
1960-1967 Dodge W300 Series
1981-1991 Dodge W350
1960-1962 Dodge Wm300 Power Wagon
1964-1974 Plymouth Barracuda
1963-1970 Plymouth Belvedere
1965-1967 Plymouth Belvedere II
1970-1974 Plymouth Cuda
1970-1976 Plymouth Duster
1963-1963 Plymouth Fleet Special
1964-1965 Plymouth Fury
1968-1978 Plymouth Fury
1968-1974 Plymouth Fury I
1965-1965 Plymouth Fury II
1968-1974 Plymouth Fury II
1965-1965 Plymouth Fury III
1968-1974 Plymouth Fury III
1972-1977 Plymouth Gran Fury
1980-1989 Plymouth Gran Fury
1968-1968 Plymouth GTX
1968-1968 Plymouth Roadrunner
1971-1975 Plymouth Roadrunner
1965-1969 Plymouth Satellite
1971-1974 Plymouth Satellite
1963-1964 Plymouth Savoy
1971-1976 Plymouth Scamp
1964-1976 Plymouth Valiant
1967-1967 Plymouth VIP
1976-1980 Plymouth Volare

Spiro Wound Core With Stainless Steel Wire

Covered With A Conductive Fluorocarbon Material

Provides More Fire Power To The Spark Plugs

OEM Resistor Core Wires

Eliminates Radio Frequency Interference

100 Percent Pure Two Layer Silicone Insulation

Limited 90 Day Warranty

Assembled : Yes
Diameter (MM) : 8 Millimeter
Wire Material : Fiberglass Insulated Silicone
Color : Red
Number Of Wires : 8
Distributor Boot Color : Red
Distributor Boot Material : Silicone
Distributor Terminal Ends : Female/ Socket
Spark Plug Boot Color : Red
Spark Plug Boot Material : Silicone
Spark Plug Boot Ends : Straight
Conductor Type : Resistor Core
Wire Resistance : 350 Ohms Per Feet Resistance
Includes Coil Wire : Yes
RFI Suppression : Yes

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