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720-3276 Concrobium Dehumidifier Granules In Pouch

Part Number:S5F7203276  Mfg id: 720-3276
720-3276 Concrobium Dehumidifier Granules In Pouch
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720-3276 Concrobium Dehumidifier

Concrobium Moisture Grabbers draw moisture from the environment and keep spaces dry to protect your spaces and valuables from moisture damage.

A Desiccant Product Designed To Protect Surfaces And Possessions Against: Moisture Damage, Musty Odors, And Rust And Corrosion

The Unique Water-Attracting And Storage Technology Is Engineered To Capture And Reduce Moisture In Small, Confined Areas

This Product Is Ideal For Use In Small, Confined Spaces Including: Closets, Bathrooms, Cabinets, Pantries, Storage Bins, Safes, Cars, Trucks

Type : Granules In Pouch

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