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52256 Adco Covers RV Cover For Fifth Wheel Trailers/ Toy Haulers
52256 Adco (image may differ than actual product)

52256 Adco Covers RV Cover For Fifth Wheel Trailers/ Toy Haulers

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100 Percent Polypropylene contour-fit covers are recommended for short term storage or
RVA #: A1V52256
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52256 Adco Covers RV Cover

100 Percent Polypropylene contour-fit covers are recommended for short term storage or for inside storage dust covers.


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2011-2012 Recreation By Design Impala Series
2007-2011 Recreation By Design Luxury By Design
2012-2013 Recreation By Design Luxury Series
2011-2012 Recreation By Design Monte Carlo Series
2011-2011 Recreation By Design North American Series
2011-2012 Recreation By Design Royal Voyager Series
2007-2011 Recreation By Design Travel By Design
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2012-2012 Redwood Rv Redwood
2015-2015 Redwood Rv Redwood
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2000-2001 Santek Trailers Victory
2015-2015 Shasta Phoenix
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2000-2002 Skyline Corporation Aljo
2006-2006 Skyline Corporation Aljo
1995-1998 Skyline Corporation Aljo Deluxe
2006-2006 Skyline Corporation Aljo Freestyle
2008-2008 Skyline Corporation Aljo Freestyle
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2000-2002 Skyline Corporation Layton
2006-2006 Skyline Corporation Layton
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1995-1998 Skyline Corporation Mountain View
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Triple Layer SFS AquaShed¬ģ Top Panel And Triple Layer Two-Tone Polypropylene Sides

Water Resistant Yet Breathable

Reinforced Front Corners Resist Snags And Tears

Moderate Climates Plus Short Term Storage

Weighted Tie Down Assist For Easy Installation Underneath The Coach

Limited 2 Year Warranty

Compatibility : Fifth Wheel Trailers/ Toy Haulers
Length : 450 Inch
Width : 108 Inch
Height : 126 Inch
Protection Type : Moderate Weather Protection/ Breathable/ Water Resistant/ Resists To High Humidity And Rainfall
Color : Two-Tone Gray
Material : 3 Layer Fabric Top/ 3 Layer Polypropylene Sides
Includes Storage Bag : No
Quantity : Single With English/ French Packaging

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