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32852 Adco Covers RV Cover For Fifth Wheel Trailers
32852 Adco (image may differ than actual product)

32852 Adco Covers RV Cover For Fifth Wheel Trailers

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100 Percent Polypropylene contour-fit covers are recommended for short term storage or
RVA #: A1V32852
Availability: In Stock
Manufacturer #: True
RV & Auto Number: A1V32852

32852 Adco Covers RV Cover

100 Percent Polypropylene contour-fit covers are recommended for short term storage or for inside storage dust covers. For proper fit, make sure to include bumpers, ladder and spare tire when measuring your RV. You can exclude ground clearance. Made to accommodate roof-top accessories such as A/C.


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The Most Durable ALL CLIMATE Cover On The Market

DuPont Tyvek Top Panel, Now With Up To 40 Percent More Tyvek Fabric, Provides Maximum Protection Against The Sun's Damaging UV Rays. Extends Below Most Awnings

Designed For High Sun Exposure, High Moisture And Snow. Contemporary Exterior Design Matches Most RV Paint Schemes

Highly Water Resistant Top Panel. Zipper Entry Panels For Access During Storage On Passenger Side. Vents To Prevent Billowing

Breathable 3 LAYERS Of Fabric On Top And Side Panels. Bottom Mounted Strap Or Buckle System Prevents Loss To Wind

Reinforced Corners To Reduce Wear. Elasticized Front And Rear Corners For Snug Fit. Includes Storage Bag

Weighted Strap And Buckle Assist Makes Installation Below The Coach Much Easier

Limited 2 Year Warranty

Compatibility : Fifth Wheel Trailers
Length : 312 Inch
Width : 106 Inch
Height : 120 Inch
Protection Type : All Weather Protection/ Breathable/ Water And UV Resistant
Color : Two-Tone Tan With White Top
Material : 3 Layer Fabric Top/ 3 Layer Polypropylene Sides
Includes Storage Bag : Yes
Quantity : Single With English Packaging

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