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  1. 1276 Fel Pro HP Intake Manifold Gasket Chrysler Big Block
1276 Fel Pro HP Intake Manifold Gasket Chrysler Big Block
1276 Fel Pro HP Intake Manifold Gasket Chrysler Big Block

1276 Fel Pro HP Intake Manifold Gasket Chrysler Big Block

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Fel-Pro performance intake manifold gaskets must prevent air, oil and dirt from being
RVA #: F291276
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1276 Fel Pro HP Intake Manifold Gasket

Fel-Pro performance intake manifold gaskets must prevent air, oil and dirt from being sucked into the intake ports and prevent coolant from leaking out of the coolant ports. For performance engines, this is complicated by the variety of aftermarket cylinder heads and intake manifolds in use. Fel-Pro performance intake manifold gaskets have been tested for use with all popular aftermarket cylinder head and intake manifold combinations. In addition, most Fel-Pro performance intake manifold gaskets do not have a metal core, which allows engine builders to trim the gasket to ensure an exact fit on modified ports. Fel-Pro offers a solid core intake manifold gasket for high vacuum race engines, as well as performance applications that have a long expected service life i.e., street machines, marine use or tow vehicles. The solid core provides extra strength and stability, and the gaskets come in proven port shapes used in race intake gaskets.


1962-1971 Chrysler 300
1975-1978 Chrysler Cordoba
1966-1975 Chrysler Imperial
1966-1978 Chrysler New Yorker
1965-1978 Chrysler Newport
1959-1960 Chrysler Saratoga
1959-1961 Chrysler Town & Country
1963-1977 Chrysler Town & Country
1959-1961 Chrysler Windsor
1963-1964 Dodge 330
1963-1964 Dodge 440
1963-1964 Dodge 880
1974-1974 Dodge B100 Van
1975-1978 Dodge B200
1971-1974 Dodge B200 Van
1975-1978 Dodge B300
1971-1974 Dodge B300 Van
1976-1979 Dodge CB300
1970-1974 Dodge Challenger
1966-1978 Dodge Charger
1959-1959 Dodge Coronet
1965-1976 Dodge Coronet
1959-1961 Dodge Custom
1975-1978 Dodge D100
1968-1974 Dodge D100 Pickup
1967-1967 Dodge D100 Series
1977-1978 Dodge D150
1975-1978 Dodge D200
1968-1974 Dodge D200 Pickup
1967-1967 Dodge D200 Series
1975-1978 Dodge D300
1968-1974 Dodge D300 Pickup
1967-1967 Dodge D300 Series
1978-1978 Dodge D400
1978-1978 Dodge D450
1960-1962 Dodge Dart
1967-1969 Dodge Dart
1959-1959 Dodge Lancer
1978-1978 Dodge Magnum
1960-1960 Dodge Matador
1974-1974 Dodge MB300
1965-1978 Dodge Monaco
1960-1961 Dodge Phoenix
1961-1961 Dodge Pioneer
1960-1973 Dodge Polara
1974-1978 Dodge Ramcharger
1959-1959 Dodge Royal
1975-1977 Dodge Royal Monaco
1961-1961 Dodge Seneca
1959-1959 Dodge Sierra
1975-1977 Dodge W100
1968-1974 Dodge W100 Pickup
1967-1967 Dodge W100 Series
1977-1978 Dodge W150
1975-1978 Dodge W200
1968-1974 Dodge W200 Pickup
1967-1967 Dodge W200 Series
1975-1978 Dodge W300
1968-1974 Dodge W300 Pickup
1967-1967 Dodge W300 Series
1967-1972 Plymouth Barracuda
1960-1970 Plymouth Belvedere
1965-1967 Plymouth Belvedere II
1970-1972 Plymouth Cuda
1960-1961 Plymouth Custom
1960-1963 Plymouth Fleet Special
1960-1978 Plymouth Fury
1968-1974 Plymouth Fury I
1965-1966 Plymouth Fury II
1968-1974 Plymouth Fury II
1965-1974 Plymouth Fury III
1972-1977 Plymouth Gran Fury
1967-1971 Plymouth GTX
1976-1978 Plymouth PB200
1974-1974 Plymouth PB200 Van
1976-1978 Plymouth PB300
1974-1974 Plymouth PB300 Van
1968-1975 Plymouth Roadrunner
1965-1974 Plymouth Satellite
1960-1964 Plymouth Savoy
1960-1961 Plymouth Sport Wagon
1960-1961 Plymouth Suburban
1970-1970 Plymouth Superbird
1974-1978 Plymouth Trailduster
1967-1967 Plymouth VIP

Prevent Air, Oil And Dirt From Being Sucked Into The Intake Ports And Prevent Coolant From Leaking Out Of The Coolant Ports

Limited 1 Year Warranty

Compatibility : Mopar Big Block
Port Shape : Rectangular
Port Length (IN) : 2.71 Inch
Port Width (IN) : 1.65 Inch
Port Diameter (IN) : Not Applicable
Material : Composite With Printoseal
Thickness (IN) : 0.060 Inch
Recommended Use : Performance