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  1. 120693C TrailFX Tool Box Crossover Low Profile
120693C TrailFX Tool Box Crossover Low Profile
120693C TrailFX Tool Box Crossover Low Profile

120693C TrailFX Tool Box Crossover Low Profile

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TrailFX aluminum tool boxes offer the widest selection of sizes and styles in the
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120693C TrailFX Tool Box

TrailFX aluminum tool boxes offer the widest selection of sizes and styles in the industry. These superior quality boxes are packed with features, yet affordably priced to fit your budget.


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Strong And Durable

Lid Has Two Layers Of Aluminum And A Higher Density Foam Fill Than Any Of The Competitive Boxes On The Market. Twist Handle Brings A More Stylish Look Compared To Traditional Boxes

More Stylish Look Compared To Traditional Boxes

Box Does Not Block Your View From Behind

The Body Of The Box Features Fully TIG Welded Seams And A Patented Built-In Small Parts Storage Bin, Which Offers Convenience And Adds Strength To The End Of The Box As Well

Latching System Features A High-Quality Stainless Steel Latch For Lasting Durability And Convenience

The Patented Up-And-Over Rod Does Not Encumber The Working Space Of The Box And Keeps The Rod Out Of Harm’s Way, Prolonging The Life Of The Latching System

Tray Provides Removable Storage Space For Small Items Making It Makes It Easy To Transport Small Items To And From Your Jobsite Or Garage

Universal Design Allows Box To Fit Any Compact Truck

Limited Lifetime Warranty

Type : Crossover
Style : Low Profile
Number Of Lids/Storage Box Doors : 1 Lid
Surface Design : Diamond Tread
Color/ Finish : Black Matte
Material : Aluminum
Length (IN) : 69 Inch
Width (IN) : 19-1/4 Inch
Height (IN) : 13-1/2 Inch
With Rails : No
With Tray : Yes