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11218-6 Plasti Dip Tool Handle Coating Use To Protect Tool Handle And

Part Number:P6M112186  Mfg id: 11218-6
11218-6 Plasti Dip Tool Handle Coating Use To Protect Tool Handle And
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11218-6 Plasti Dip Tool Handle Coating

Plasti Dip is a multi-purpose specialty rubber coating. It can be used in wide range of industrial applications, and applies easily by dipping, brushing, or spraying. Plasti Dip protects against moisture, abrasion, corrosion, acids, skidding, and slipping. It air dries to a rubbery, easy-grip finish and provides a comfortable, controlled grip. Plasti Dip will not become brittle or crack in extreme weather conditions (-30 Degree Fahrenheit to 200 Degree Fahrenheit), and remains flexible and stretchy over time.

Multi-Purpose Specialty Rubber Coating

Used In Wide Range Of Industrial Applications, And Applies Easily By Dipping, Brushing, Or Spraying

Protects Against Moisture, Abrasion, Corrosion, Acids, Skidding, And Slipping

Air Dries To A Rubbery, Easy-Grip Finish And Provides A Comfortable, Controlled Grip

Will Not Become Brittle Or Crack In Extreme Weather Conditions

Used For : Protect Tool Handle And Improve Grip
Type : Rubber Coated
Color : Blaze Orange
Unit Size : 11 Ounce
Unit Type : Aerosol Spray Can
Unit Quantity : Case Of 6

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